Hidden Menopause Symptoms HR Managers Should Know

Hidden menopause symptoms HR Managers should know

The Government have recently agreed that menopause in the workplace is an issue that needs to be dealt with head on. Menopause Champions are suddenly a hot HR topic and supporting staff through the menopause, as detailed by ACAS, is now something that every HR manager has on their to-do list. 

Don’t worry, I can help you through this process and help your female staff greatly too.

The first thing we need to ask is what we are actually dealing with. What are the hidden menopause symptoms that every HR manager should know but may currently overlook? 

You will have heard about HRT, hot flushes and maybe brain fog but what other symptoms are likely to be having an impact in your organisation? 

Read on for a quick summary of my menopause at work empirical research.

Hidden Menopause Symptoms In The Workplace

I have worked with hundreds of women to help them transition this natural phase of their life in a positive way. Based on my first-hand experience, the below six points are the most prominent hidden symptoms that I have witnessed relating to their work environment.

  1. Performance worry. 100% of my clients have reported feeling as though they are underperforming and feel under pressure to prove themselves more while approaching or during the menopause.  Have you notices a member of staff working longer hours because they’re worried their work is slipping so trying to overcompensate? This could be a hidden sign that they need help.

  1. Career crisis point. 100% of my clients have considered leaving their job or questioned whether they are still good at it. This is such a big issue for HR managers to address as preventing “menopause quitting” can result in experienced staff retention. These staff members are even more loyal as a result of how you treat them when they are supported through the menopause journey in a positive way.

  1. Increased anxiety. Women are currently bombarded with information about what may happen to them during the menopause which adds a layer of expectation anxiety before any symptoms do or do not kick in. One manager I worked with gave feedback at a recent workshop that a woman on his team had reported she was concerned about her performance due to the menopause. The reality was that he had not noticed any difference in her productivity or attitude. The pressure women feel at this time to perform is huge and unfortunately stress and anxiety exacerbates menopause symptoms so the self-fulfilling circle begins - unless a menopause champion like myself steps in before it is too late.  

  1. Feeling unheard. 100% of my clients feel better after taking one of my programmes because they suddenly feel heard and empowered. Women can help themselves feel better if they know the right tools and techniques which I teach. 

  1. Menopause absenteeism. If someone has called in sick again, don’t presume the reason they give is always the truth. Women can be overwhelmed by embarrassment to admit what the real reason for the day off may be. Have you ever considered she may be experiencing period flooding or could it be driven by a range of emotional and psychological symptoms, along with the physical hot flushes, joint aches, period shame and migraines that can accompany the menopause journey? 

  1. Physical symptoms. Linked to absenteeism above, physical issues around the menopause can be very real. Would you want to go to work if you were flooding (heavy, uncontrollable menstrual bleeding) or had an uncomfortable UTI that made you need to keep going to the toilet? What if you had painful bloating, terrible insomnia creating immense fatigue or joint pain that may make your work difficult to do? Head and heart work together so by addressing the menopause holistically, many of these symptoms can be lessened with help.

What Can HR Managers Do To Help Staff During Menopause?

The first thing to do is the educate your managers (and your staff) about the menopuse.  Managers who are more aware of exactly how it can impact and these hidden symptoms are better equipped to support their staff who are struggling without having to have a lot of the awkward conversations.  Staff feel heard without needing to explain everything.   Training staff, too, can help them to feel supported and can also help them realise that talking to their manager can be a very real way of managing work better.  In my staff workshops, I also go through ways they can alleviate their symptoms as well, so they start to feel more in control of their health and better equipped to deal with what’s happening.

Stepping up to have a menopause champion is another step your organisation can take to take back control of an issue that will effect almost half of your workforce at some point. Menopause affects around 51% of the population and almost 8 out of 10 menopausal women are at work so it is an issue that can no longer be brushed under the carpet. 

The good news is that there is a lot that HR managers can do that will improve morale and performance while also reducing absenteeism and menopause quitting and I can be here as a menopause expert to help you navigate the process.

I have said it before, but HR managers, this is your time to shine and champion the women in you business. It can be great PR for your business to show you care and address employee issues directly in a positive way.

Please give your workforce the tools to perform to their best ability, including holistic support during the menopause journey so that it is a positive transition for both employee and employer.

Being an expert in women’s health is not necessary when you have me on your team. Outsource this particular menopause headache to me and you could soon be profiting from happier, less anxious and more productive staff.

I can help to identify the potential menopause problems for your business by showing a caring, upfront and knowledgeable attitude to the menopause and how it has an impact on women’s roles in the workplace. 

I specialise in women’s health issues at work so women can transition natural phases of life with more ease while feeling supported in a confidential and safe environment. This generates loyal employees with less staff churn which is surely always a benefit for a busy HR manager like you.

Women can and do flourish through the menopause and when they do, this makes sense to the bottom line because it costs significantly less to retain staff than it does to replace. Can you afford not to deal with this issue in a positive way?

Want A Free Menopause Consultation Call?

Just get in touch. The first consultation is free so you have nothing to lose but the potential upside of happier more motivated staff is significant.

I offer Menopause support, training, holistic treatments and workshops to help your business address the menopause positively. My service can take as little or as much commitment from you as a HR Manager that you choose but it will always help to reduce stress, absenteeism, anxiety, improve morale and reduce sudden burn out which all have an impact on business productivity.

If you are curious how dealing with the menopause in your workplace could have a positive impact on your whole business from the bottom line up, give me a call

About Sarah

Sarah Coulson is passionate about women’s health.  She was diagnosed with endometriosis in her mid 20s and, having undergone treatment under the NHS unsuccessfully (including an induced early menopause) was faced with the heart-breaking news that a hysterectomy was the next step.  She refused to accept that this was necessary and looked for alternatives to help her manage her condition. She’s been managing her endometriosis successfully for those last 20 years - most of those in remission, with only 2 flare-ups in that time.  

She now offers training on reproductive, hormonal and menstrual health to managers and staff, as well as effective treatment and self-management techniques to people struggling with their symptoms.

If you would like to chat to Sarah about how your organisation can easily and effectively support the needs of the women in your workplace, please book a free Discovery Call here: https://HalcyonTherapies.as.me/workplacemenstrualhealth