At the moment, you will have almost 70% of your female workforce absent or underperforming in their role. This is because they are experiencing women's health challenges and do not feel supported by their workplace.

This may well not be your fault.  100% of our clients feel unable to be open about their health conditions at work.  That is where we come in. We offer several different services to effectively support women's health at work and propel your business forward:
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Sarah provides workshops to both staff and managers about topics such as managing menopause in the workplace. 

In a workshop for managers, Sarah will give an overview of the most common women’s health conditions and their symptoms. From there, you will learn about the impact these symptoms can have, and how to spot the signs that your staff are struggling.

By the end of the workshop, you will know how best to support your staff members that are struggling with a women’s health condition. You will also get the chance to discuss easy and effective ways to help staff manage their condition better, including the self-treatment programmes.
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In staff workshops, Sarah empowers other women to take positive steps towards managing their health. Having experienced endometriosis herself, she provides an understanding overview of why women are feeling the way they are at work. She covers how to manage symptoms while in the workplace, and then handles Q&As from your staff.

Finally, Sarah can offer an overview to the self-treatment programmes. These help women receive qualified support from our network of industry professionals.
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Sarah is masterful at producing informative and awareness-raising documentation for your workplace. This can take the form of leaflets and posters that highlight how staff can help themselves and who they need to talk to if they are struggling.
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We can offer health audits to the women in your workforce. Some women may not have a diagnosed condition, so do not even realise that women’s health is affecting their performance. This helps keep staff informed and empowers them to move forward with treatment.

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The government will require employers to take a more active role in women’s health within the next 10 years. Sarah can help guide you on any policy formation or updates you will need to ensure you meet the national standard.
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Self-treatment is revolutionary and is changing how women understand their health issues and manage them in a proactive way. Sarah can teach the women in your workplace what signposts to look for, as well as offer a network of incredible contacts to support them.

We can licence these programmes to your organisation, to give your staff free or discounted access; an easy and affective way to help your staff mangage their symptoms and get them back to their old (productive) selves. 


Get in touch today if you are ready to provide meaningful support to women in your workplace. From the first phone call, we can talk about where you need help in your business, and work together to create a culture of understanding and openness.