How confident are you when it comes to managing "women's health" in the workplace?

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Why does it matter?

As a HR manager, you have a lot on your plate. From legal issues surrounding employment law, to recruitment headaches, we understand you are busy with a long to do list. Added to this list in recent years has been an increased focus on managing a plethora of issues surrounding women’s health and how these issues can impact staff morale and performance. From the menopause to mental health, women are rightly demanding more attention, empathy and respect and this has certainly been seen by employers increasingly in recent years.

The Government Want Women’s Health to Be Prioritised

The Government’s recent Women’s Health Strategy set out ambitious plans to improve healthcare to support the unique needs of 51% of the UK population – women. The 2019 Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists report demanding “Better for Women” health care also caused employers to see a more confident insistence from female employees that their overall welfare needs are being met.

Extra Responsibility Placed On HR Managers Shoulders

The question therefore is, as a manager, how confident are you in dealing with women’s health in the workplace?

The answer is probably not too confident at all if the recent analysis we conducted is correct. When interviewing female managers, only 18% were confident managing women’s health at the start of a course I ran but 100% were confident by the end.

It is understandable that there is a lack of confidence without support. HR managers and line managers are up to their eyes in a never ending to do list and keeping up to speed with the changing government legislation and directives around women’s health issues could be a full time job in its own right.

Ensuring that women are able to maintain their health and well-being while working however can have a significant positive impact on their productivity and job satisfaction so it really should be put higher up your priority list if you want to reduce the cost of losing valuable staff.

How I Help HR Managers Feel More Confident Managing Women’s Health in the Workplace

Want to feel supported by a women’s health expert? This is where I can step in to help as I am an experienced champion of women’s health and take a holistic view that works well for both the staff member and the employer at the same time. Acting as a bridge between employer and employee, I offer a range of services, specialising in female health and wellbeing.

From online self-paced menopause holistic training to dealing with disruptive periods while simultaneously ticking the employment obligations at the same time, I have a list of proven services that will help.

Maybe you have encountered staff with issues around adenomyosis, fibroids, PCOS, anxiety, chronic fatigue, IBS, menopause problems or unexplained fertility issues and haven’t know what to do to help get them back up to speed at work again? Even worse, maybe you have had staff dealing with these issues right now but you simply don’t even know due to a culture where women’s health issues are not openly discussed?

Maybe you haven’t completed your business policy information in the area of women’s wellbeing for a while or you need appropriate documentation to sign-post employees to but haven’t got them to hand. Maybe you haven’t done a women’s health audit before and don’t have a clue where to start.

Outsource Women’s Health Issues In The Workplace to An Expert

Don’t worry, you are not alone as a HR manager or line manager who needs expert help in this area and I will be more than happy to help.

Here is a recent testimonial from a client.

“Sarah’s work is genuinely incredible: person-centred, flexible, and affirming. If you want a support programme that is tailored to your specific needs and symptoms, with a practitioner who will listen to you and go out of their way to find solutions that work for you, I can’t recommend Sarah enough!

I’ve just finished the programme with my symptoms dramatically reduced for the past couple of months, and am leaving with a toolkit of resources and techniques for managing flare ups in future. Thank you Sarah!” Lizzie, London

There are many more testimonials from women I have helped with health and wellbeing issues here:

How I Help You Manage Women’s Health In The Workplace

I help businesses to identify problems which will be individual for all female employees and I help your business address them in a positive way. My clients tell me I am caring, knowledgeable and approachable. This approachability takes away some of the anxiety straight away from both the employee and employer side.

I specialise in women’s health issues at work and many of my clients have found women that are helped through difficult times become more loyal to their business because of the help you have offered them so by using my services, you can turn a significant problem into a positive outcome.

So why not ask yourself how turning a member of staff’s health issues around could help your business productivity, reduce absenteeism and increase morale? Probably significantly!

What To Do Next

If you are curious how dealing with women’s health in your workplace head on could have a positive impact on your business, give me a call.

The first consultation is free of charge so you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

About Sarah

Sarah Coulson is passionate about women’s health. She was diagnosed with endometriosis in her mid 20s and, having undergone treatment under the NHS unsuccessfully was faced with the heart-breaking news that a hysterectomy was the next (and only) step. She refused to accept that this was necessary and looked for alternatives to help her manage her condition. She’s been managing her endometriosis successfully for those last 20 years - most of those in remission, with only 2 flare-ups in that time.

She now offers training on reproductive, hormonal and menstrual health to managers and staff, as well as effective treatment and self-management techniques to people struggling with their symptoms.

If you would like to chat to Sarah about how your organisation can easily and effectively support the needs of the women in your workplace, please book a free Discovery Call here: https://HalcyonTherapies.as.me/workplacemenstrualhealth