Problems HR Managers Face When Dealing with the Menopause

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Menopause. A simple word that can strike fear and uncomfortable feelings for those transitioning the natural phase of life that all women will face. Menopause also has an impact on colleagues, managers and can add an extra burden to HR teams so is it not time to start addressing it head on in a positive way? The Government have recently launched a Menopause at Work initiative so are you ready to prove you are putting the needs of your employees ahead of other companies?

Let’s start with a question. As a Human Resource manager, what do you truthfully think when you hear the word menopause? Hot flushes, erratic mood swings and brain fog? These are common associations but what about the effect the menopause has on a woman’s identity and her career and ultimately her productivity.

Below we explore a few of the problems that HR managers can face when members of their staff approach this phase of life.

Menopause Absenteeism

No employer wants to deal with high absenteeism as it ultimately costs the bottom line. Both mental and physical symptoms experienced during the peri-menopause and menopause can increase employee absenteeism if she does not feel supported so it is a topic that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. 

Joint aches, stress, anxiety, emotions, period shame and migraines can all encourage taking a day off under the duvet instead of contributing to the team but it does not need to be this way. Re-engaging employees can be as simple as proving you want to support them with proven strategies to reduce menopause symptoms which is where my service can be so valuable to companies large and small.

Menopause Morale

A happy work force is a productive workforce but if employees are struggling to understand how to actively help their own menopause journey go smoothly, morale at work can suffer. Feeling more in control about the menopause journey they find themselves in can be the key to embracing this phase of life positively rather than treating it as a problem. 

Menopause Quitting

For some women, changing psychological outlooks and physical symptoms can make work just feel too much. Calculate all the investment your business has already put into recruiting and training a member of staff. Surely it is worth helping them navigate this natural phase rather than lose all the experience that they offer? I help women take back control and reduce mental and physical symptoms during their menopause journey so that they don’t need to throw the towel in but instead become more loyal employees. The fact you have invested in them and shown support will be rewarded back in loyalty and dedication.

Menopause Confidence

Sudden changes in hormones can sometimes have a detrimental effect on employee confidence and make them more likely to take a back seat within the business. If I can work with your staff to identify any barriers they have to work driven by the peri-menopause or menopause, it is quick and often easy to suddenly gain an employee who values where they work even more. Loyal staff are worth their weight in gold and with my help, women working within your business can once again get their mojo back and be the asset that you recruited.

Menopause Stress and Anxiety

Stressed employees are less productive than those who feel in control. During the peri-menopause and menopause stress and anxiety can rise due to the pressure that women feel to perform. Simple changes to their work environment and being flexible is the key. I can help employers navigate a solution that will reduce women’s stress and therefore increase productivity and create a happy work culture for all. 

Simply talking to employees in their language and showing that you care can be enough to help them feel less stressed about a work situation. Again, this is what I specialise in so that women can transition these few years to become even more loyal and respected employees. 

As a society, we make employment allowances for rearing children so why not also help women through the next phase of employment too? With the retirement age increasing, women are going to be in the work environment much longer so helping them adjust and flourish through the menopause makes good business sense.

How Can I Help?

I offer Menopause support, training and workshops to help your business address this topic head on in a positive way. It can be a recruitment benefit to show you value your female staff and it works out a lot less than covering sick leave or, even worse, the cost of replacing a loyal member of your team. 

My menopause-focused service can take as little or as much commitment from you as a HR Manager that you choose but it will always help to reduce stress, absenteeism, anxiety, improve morale and reduce sudden burn out which all have an impact on the bottom line.

If you are curious how dealing with the effects of menopause in your workplace head on could have a positive effect on your business, give me a call. The first consultation is free of charge so you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

If you would like to chat to me about how your organisation can easily and effectively support the needs of the women in your workplace, please book a free Discovery Call here: https://HalcyonTherapies.as.me/workplacemenstrualhealth