Well, today was my first day back after the Christmas break, and what  great day!   It feels wonderful  to see clients again and a brilliant mix of old and new today – I am really hopeful 2018 will be the year for Halcyon!

Today’s highlight has undoubtedly been little baby J.    Baby J booked in over the weekend, or I should say his mum did.   At just 26 days old, little J was suffering with colic.   He was in so much pain and his mum was trying everything she could to get him to feel better but nothing was working.   He wasn’t sleeping – he was crying a lot and just wasn’t able to settle.  When I first felt his tummy, it was rock hard.   He was so bloated and his little face was red from all the tears.   At first, he reacted to even the lightest of touches with the baby Amno Fu but after a while – with kind words, gentle persistence  and a bit of Reiki – he settled.   In fact, he fell sleep.  He left with his little tummy back to normal size and still sleeping peacefully.

This is why I love this job – to see a little person go from being in so much pain to peacefully snoozing the afternoon away… well… no money can buy that feeling.

Come on 2018; I’m ready for you!